• Harvest Institute trains and equips men and women to become skilled, strategic servant leaders as church planters and for leadership positions in the church and the workplace. The goal is to raise knowledgeable, skilled leaders with the spiritual foundation necessary for effective church leadership.

    Harvest Institute was founded in 2017 by Apostle Moses Mukisa, the founder and movement leader of Worship Harvest Ministries, with the aim of transforming our world by Raising Skilled, Strategic and Servant Leaders. At its inception, Harvest Institute was made up of only one school that later evolved into 3; School of Leadership, School of Ministry and the School of Practical Business.

    In 2024, Harvest Institute is merging all three schools (School of Leadership, School of Ministry, and School of Practical Business) into a single, integrated entity to give students the experience of all the 3 schools in one year.

    Ministry often requires a holistic approach integrating leadership skills, ministry knowledge, and practical business acumen. In a rapidly changing world, churches face various challenges that require adaptable and multifaceted leadership. Merging these schools will allow us to equip future church leaders better to address these challenges, serve their communities effectively, and navigate the complexities of church leadership in the 21st century.


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